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Find Your Purpose - Part 9 – Multi-Media Rules! - Shades 4 Seasons

Find Your Purpose - Part 9 – Multi-Media Rules!

Multi-Media Rules

One of the most effective ways of using Social Media to promote your area of passion is to mix up the media. Different platforms support different media types and some specialise in certain forms of content, for example for video think YouTube and more recently TikTok.

Where’s Your Camera?

Once upon a time you might have needed specialist equipment to take professional photographs and videos, not any more! Your typical iPhone or Android phone is more than capable of taking great pictures and recording high quality video as long as you invest in a few simple props such as a camera stand.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can unleash your passion with a digital camera. Like cooking? Take a picture of a meal you have prepared. Like travelling, be sure to have your camera to hand and capture your trip in a photo-book. 

And then you can upload your photographs and videos to social platforms. There are several places where you can do that: 

These are places where people come hunting for photos and videos. But what’s best is that they can network also. People who like your photos and videos will communicate with you on places like YouTube.com and Flickr.com. There lies your method of expanding your business network to them! 

Create a Podcast
Just like photos and videos, creating your own podcast is surprisingly easy and there are plenty of free resources online to help you do it. You are probably going to need a host (who asks you questions relevant to the topic you are going to speak about) and some prepared answers or at least prompt notes if you want to come across a little more ad lib and less like a newsreader! Free websites that will help you with podcasting include:
Beyond Photos, videos and podcasts there are plenty of other alternative formats to capture and engage the target audience for your passion. These include SlideShare (The LinkedIn platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations), VISME (a platform for creating infographics) and Prezi (a dynamic and eye-catching alternative to PowerPoint).
Whatever media formats you use remember to try and mix things up a little to keep your audience engaged and don’t forget to target your media at the right social platforms…LinkedIn supports just about any form of media, however platforms such as TikTok are made for video and Pinterest is all about photography, so choose your social platforms wisely!
Steve Watson, Shades4Seasons Stephen Watson is a writer, blogger and the marketing director of www.shades4seasons.com, an
 e-commerce site for beautiful custom made, custom designed and specially curated homeware