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Find Your Purpose - Part 8 – Making Social Networking Pay - Shades 4 Seasons

Find Your Purpose - Part 8 – Making Social Networking Pay

Making Social Networking Pay

One of the best ways you can promote your passion over Social Media is by starting an online community focusing on your area of interest. Online communities or groups work in the same way that e.g. business clubs work off net. People who have similar interests to you become part of such groups and discuss their topics of interest. 

Members of your group may post:

  • Their experiences 
  • Ideas and tips they have on the topic of the group 
  • Their approach to doing things related to the topic
  • Asking others for guidance in the topic area
  • Buying and selling related merchandise or services
  • Asking opinions of others before buying services or products
  • General discussion about the topic

So, it can be seen that an online community or group is a good place to be in whether you want to spark a discussion about the subject or get some useful help and guidance about it. Its true to say most people who use the internet these days are members of one or more online groups.

The sites listed below are some of the most interesting and popular social networking websites present on the Internet. They have a large number of members with a huge range of different interests which means a greater opportunity to have people that will be interested in the topic you want to promote. Also, because there are such a large number of people here, a huge amount of “traffic” is generated through these platforms which provides countless opportunities to e.g. curate content relevant to your own area of passion.

Social Media Platform

Specific Benefits


Facebook is one of the largest sites in the world where people are not only allowed, but are encouraged to connect with everyone. Anyone can take advantage of Facebook to maintain a good relationship with others who identify with certain tastes or products. This is very important because as a business, you can sell or promote a product/service to a highly targeted audience, thus increasing the possibilities of making money on the internet.


LinkedIn is an effective platform for Business to Business networking. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking social media platform for conducting research and building relationships with individuals to network and discover potential customers.


Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms with over 335 million users. Many businesses use Twitter to reach and connect with their customers. Twitter can help you reach a wide audience and connect with your customers.


With more than 25 million businesses actively using Instagram to market to their target audience, it’s easy to see why so many people use the platform to shop. In today’s instant-access retail world, shoppers want visual content to help them make buying decisions.


TikTok is a very popular app that now has more than 500 million monthly active users around the world. It is a short video sharing social platform that allows users to record and share up to 60 seconds of videos. There are different types of videos that can be shared in the app such as Montages, Comedic Shorts, Duets, etc.


One of the greatest benefits of using Pinterest for your business is the ability to drive a massive amount of new traffic to your website. In fact, research shows that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined!

These platforms allow you to complete your personal profile, with picture and website link if you have one. Some platforms such as LinkedIn also allow you to create a specific company page where you can showcase your products and services. On your profile you can mention your interests, which will include your area of passion. When you are present on the platform, you can look for groups that are discussing your subject of interest within the platform. In any case, if you have defined hashtags about your interest, it is quite likely that people with similar interests will find you.

Sooner than you think, you will be discussing all things possible around the topic you are passionate about and before long you will be building a big and targeted market for yourself within the community.

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