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vidaXL Bathroom Cabinet 38x33x160 cm Solid Wood Acacia


Introducing our vidaXL Bathroom Cabinet, crafted from luxurious solid wood acacia, measuring 38x33x160 cm. This elegant and exclusive piece offers sophisticated storage in any bathroom. The natural beauty and durability of acacia add a touch of artistry to your space. Elevate your bathroom with our premium cabinet.

This bathroom cabinet is a great choice for your bathroom, making it tidy and organised! Solid acacia wood: Solid acacia wood is a beautiful natural material. Acacia wood is a tropical hardwood, which is dense, sturdy, and durable.Ample storage space: This cabinet for bathroom offers ample storage space to keep your essentials well organised and within reach.Flexible door: You can install the door either on the left side or right side based on your own needs.Sturdy legs: The iron legs add the bathroom cupboard's sturdiness and stability. Warning:To prevent it from tipping over, this product must be used with the provided wall attachment device.

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