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Marble Salt and Pepper Bowls


These Marble Salt and Pepper Bowls are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Made from high-quality marble, they add a touch of elegance to your dining experience. With its smooth surface and sturdy construction, these bowls provide easy use and long-lasting durability. Enhance your meals with these beautiful and functional bowls.

Small marble bowls designed to hold salt and pepper. The bowls each have their own serving spoon and stand on an oval wooden tray. The natural veining on the marble create a unique look for each bowl, making each set one-of-a-kind. Each pot weights 33g and are 7cm wide and 5cm tall. Each spoon is 10cm. They make for a great gift for a host or hostess or for anyone who appreciates high-quality kitchen accessories.

Measurements: D10 x H7.5 x W20cm

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