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kleankin Dimmable Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights, 3 Colours, Defogging Film


The kleankin Dimmable Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights brings sophistication and functionality to your bathroom. Choose from 3 colours and use the defogging film for a clear reflection even after a hot shower. Illuminate your space with dimmable LED lights, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Outer LED light: adjustable brightness, with three different colours (warm white, white and cool white) - 50,000 hours long lifespan: plenty of use - Memory function to save your previous settings: super helpful! - Smart touch operation: controls on/off, brightness and LED colour - Defog function makes it easy to see your reflection after showing - On-wall-design is space-saving - IP44 rated: safe in moisture and water environments - Wire-connected design: requires professional installation

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