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70cm Red Chrysanthemum Glass Ball Vase

These artificial flower arrangements come with the vases � a complete pack of everything you need to create the display shown in our photos. When arranged as we have it shown in our photos this measures 70cm x 55cm x 55cm. Stems are wired and this can be shaped to your requirements. This pack contains the following: 1 x LEAF-40596 26cm clear fern print glass bottle vase 26cm x 22cm x 22cm at widest points. The narrower top rim measures 9cm diameter. 4 x LEAF-40610 50cm single white carnation artificial flower. 2 x LEAF-40647 65cm artificial gypsophilia spray. 3 x LEAF-40650 70cm artificial orange berry spray. 3 x LEAF-40689 75cm extra large silk reflex chrysanthemum - red. 2 x LEAF-40697 85cm bamboo fern stem. Flowers and foliage are supplied loose at full length ready for you arrange. You can cut these shorter if wanted for arrangement (very easy- just use wire cutters) or you can just fold the stems at the ends before putting them in the vase