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Find Your Purpose - Part 4 - Profitable Passion Online

Profitable Passion Online

If you are striving to make profit out of your passion, the internet provides almost limitless resources to help you achieve your goals. The internet is key to turning your passion into profit for the following reasons:

  1. This is where you will find your buying audience – in the UK 91% of adults access the internet on a daily basis (and it’s a similar pattern across Europe, e.g. in Germany the figure is 84%.). 83% of individuals in the UK have bought or ordered goods or services online in the last 12 months and 70% of individuals in the UK are active on social media*
    * source: “Eurostat Digital economy and society statistics - households and individuals, 2019
  2. This is where you will find like-minded people – social media has taken the concept of special-interest groups to another level and you will find a group for just about anything on one of the many social networking platforms available today
  3. This is where you can make your voice heard – the internet has brought about the true democratisation of communications. Blogging platforms abound and all social media sites allow their users to freely speak up about the topics, ideas and opinions that matter to them : their passions.

There are various ways in which you can make your voice heard. One option if you confident in doing a bit of copy writing is writing articles (typically longer-form pieces, 5 minute+ reads) or blog posts (typically shorter-form pieces 1-4 minute reads).

If you can write and publish an informative article or blog post and raise awareness of your content with your target audience online, then you should be able to generate engagement from people with the same interests. Those people who like what you have got to say are likely to visit your blog pages or website and if your content is sufficiently insightful and helpful to your target audience you are well on the way to converting your passion into profit.

The key to converting interest in your articles and posts is to avoid the direct/hard sell and instead aim to attract, teach, and engage your audience. If you offer insights in your copy that lead to light bulb moments for your readers, and you can demonstrate your thought leadership on your area of passion on a regular basis then the sales will follow.

If you really want to turn your passion into profits you need to constantly leverage the fourth advantage of the internet:

This is where you will find almost unlimited resources – The internet is the greatest library of content that has ever been created and you need to know how to leverage this. As Einstein put it “The true genius is not the person who knows the answer to every question, it is the person who knows where to find the answer to any question”.

If you are interested to check out how our online business is going you can find us here: www.shades4seasons.com

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