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Find Your Purpose - Part 1 - Finding Your Passion - Shades 4 Seasons

Find Your Purpose - Part 1 - Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

For everyone, the spark that lights the flame of passion exists, although that spark can take more igniting in some than others. Many live their lives without realising the potential their passion has for creating a successful and profitable business. They just don’t see the connection between their passion and a successful business model.

Consider a young copy writer who just loves writing blogs and other short form articles. Perhaps they write poetry as a hobby too. They might be exceptionally talented at writing copy, however if they do not realise that this ability can be turned into a profitable venture nothing ever comes of it, they continue to be stuck in the 9 to 5. In order to break free of this mentality and create a successful business out of this passion, the young copy writer needs to: 

  • Come to the realisation that they have the talent to be successful 
  • Harness that talent in a way that can be marketed and sold 

Clearly the first step on this journey is to develop an understanding of the thing you are passionate about. Once you have identified your area of passion you can then start to draw up a plan to develop your passion into a successful business.

Your passion could be literally anything, although clearly if the thing you are passionate about resonates with a larger audience then you are likely to have a greater chance of business success with your idea. So taking forward the idea of the copy writer…writing blogs and other articles is the 9 to 5 for this young man, but at the weekends he transforms into a master home cook with a passion for baking and cooking especially Mediterranean recipes.

The young man can combine his copy writing skills with his passion for cooking and create, yes, you guessed it, a cook-book! But perhaps not just any old cookbook but one that tells a story around every recipe, perhaps looking at the area of the Mediterranean where this recipe was first created?

This passion can provide almost a bottomless well of inspirational business ideas…what about a training video to accompany the book for example? With this kind of passion the world is literally your (Rockefeller) oyster…There are many ways you can convert your passion into a successful money making venture. 

As an example me and my wife decided to start an online store, initially focused on selling her homemade lampshades. This soon expanded to include a wide variety of handmade, custom designed and curated homeware products. Was it hard work? Definitely! Have we made a few mistakes along the way? Absolutely! Have we still got a ton to learn? You bet! Are we passionate about making it work? 100%! You can check out how we are doing over at Shades 4 Seasons.

Coming Next: Part 2 - Turning Passion into Profits