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kleankin Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights, 3 Colours, Anti-fog, 80 x 60cm


Elevate your bathroom experience with our kleankin Bathroom Mirror. Featuring LED lights in 3 colours and an anti-fog function, it's perfect for your daily routine. At 80 x 60cm, this mirror is sleek, modern, and functional - a must-have for any luxurious bathroom.

  • Handy smart touch: adjust between warm white/white/cold white colour and brightness
  • Defog function keeps glass clear in steamy environments.
  • One-hour auto off Memory function to keep last settings
  • IP44 rated: LED bathroom mirror is suitable in moisture environments
  • Thick glass with silver-coloured coating and copper-free multi-layer design: no oxidation
  • Sleek and modern oval design. Can be used either way
  • Wire-connected design: requires professional installation

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