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Freestanding Foldable Bamboo Towel Rack with 3 Bars and Shelves for Bathroom


Keep your bathroom organized and stylish with our Freestanding Foldable Bamboo Towel Rack. Made with high-quality bamboo, this rack features 3 bars and shelves for easy storage of towels and other bathroom essentials. Its foldable design allows for convenient storage when not in use. Upgrade your bathroom today!

Towel rack and shelf: A duo design, with three top bars to hang towels, with three bottom slated shelves for holding other sundries, boxes and more. Ladder towel rail design helps get the most storage out of smaller spaces.Bamboo towel rail: This is a towel ladder which is strong and suitable for moisture-filled environments. 'A' shaped legs to promote balance.Foldable: Easy to put this ladder towel rail up whenever you need it and take it down when done. Freestanding towel rail is great for adding temporary storage space into the bathroom and home.Natural finish: A towel stand which can be left how it is, or painted to match with your interior more.Dimensions: 152H x 53L x 30.5Dcm. Maximum load 18kg. Easy to assemble.

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