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Bubble Fish Lamp - Black


Introducing the Bubble Fish Lamp in black! This quirky lamp features a playful design that's sure to make a splash in any room. With bubbles cascading down the black interior, it's a fun and unique way to add ambient lighting. And with its energy-efficient LED lights, it's both eye-catching and eco-friendly. Make a statement with the Bubble Fish Lamp!

LED COLOUR CHANGING LAMP: create a peaceful environment in your home or workspace with the rising bubbles and changing LED lights. Clear your head by watching the fishes swim around this standing indoor lamp aquarium. It can be a great help to maximize the imagination and the visual development of children or pure amusement for the youngest of the house MAKE LIGHTING CREATIVE with the bubble fish floor lamp. Bring fun and a sensory experience to any room, plug in the lamp and let everyone get captivated by it. Perfect for a unique Christmas gift to your most original friend! A lamp as novelty as this LED changing colour bubble mood fish lamp will not be unnoticed CONSTANT BUBBLES.

Set up the perfect atmosphere to fit all your moods, you can regulate the bubbling with the front dial in the base. The LED colours change every few seconds for the enjoyment of everyone who watches it DOUBLE PACKAGING: It is delivered with an outer mailing box and an inner gift box which is perfect to send over as a gift: Easy to use and to set up – Everything you need for assembling is included: UK plug charging, instructions and a pack of colourful artificial tropical fishes to create an appearance of marine life right in your room STEADY. The fish lamp base (available in black and grey) keeps the circular bubble tube completely stable. No extra fixing is required.

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