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3D Firework Effect Light Up Electric Oil Burner


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Add a touch of magic to your home with our 3D Firework Effect Light Up Electric Oil Burner. Not only does it create a mesmerizing firework display, but it also doubles as an electric oil diffuser to fill your space with your favorite scents. Enhance your relaxation and create a cozy atmosphere with this unique and versatile product.

Compatible with both wax melts and fragrance oils, this chic electric oil burner lights up to showcase a stunning starburst firework effect design. Electrical safety tested. Class 2 equipment, European conformity, 230 voltage, frequency 50Hz, power 25W. Do not use near water. Do not leave unattended when in use. Product Dimensions: H14cm x W10cm x D10cm Packaged Dimensions: H21.5cm x W15cm x D15cm

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